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Risk Management… Stability through Competence.

We specialise in the so-called “incident-related risk management”, which means that risk observation and handling are current and based on the situation.


In risk management b&p focuses on the requirements of the strategic security management and the emergency and crisis management.

We consider the following factors:

  • People (internal and external including potential counterpart)
  • Objects and Assets
  • Processes
  • Law and Regulatory Matters
  • Environment


Depending on the situation, we work with various risk management methods in order to achieve accurate results. Primarily, we use the following methods:

  • Brainstorming (good identification, high participation)
  • Fault Tree and Sequence Analysis (high probability analysis)
  • Scenario Analysis (extensive statement)
  • Danger Analysis (strong connection to effects und mastery)
  • Standard Deviation (sets benchmark)
  • HACCP (Hazard and Critical Control Point – mastery oriented)
  • Root Cause Analysis (isolated case analysis)


The results of the risk analysis will be implemented as either preventive or reactive measures and measure sets. We cooperate closely with the customer and try to establish high employee participation.

Thereby, the impact of measures is greatly increased, since the “acceptance of results” and the “reasonableness of measures” receive high approval rates.

Ultimately, the results of the risk analysis form the basis of the particular conception.